"I would recommend PRO TOW to anyone. This company is very reasonable on the price,on time. I would use them again if I need anything else that needed towed."  -QWERTY

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to PROTOW...you were there for me AGAIN when I needed you. More importantly, you were more worried about me getting to the hospital to be there for my mom than a check for the towing bill. There aren't too many businesses like that around....again...thank you Pro Tow. You come very highly recommended from me!!!!  -Vicky

...So to the awesome guys at PRO TOW, you are my blessings today. You have gone over and beyond the call of duty and I am truly thankful and blessed by you today!  -

PRO TOW to the rescue!!!!  If you have any car troubles or need a tow. Call PRO TOW at 742-0100 They will treat you right. Tell em I sent you!!!!! - Phillip

If you get a chance and you know Greg with PRO TOW be sure to thank him for his valor and remember his customers come first and the value of the people they are.- Brenda

Just had to share this with you PRO TOW....We were on our way home, and you know the "Other Tow Co." ....well, they were pulling out of their business and Jessie said " Oh Yeah, act like your going on a tow, when we all know that you are not going on one...EVERYONE uses PRO TOW!

Thanks for towing the van!!! - John

Thanks for getting clients off the highway tonight! You did a great job and wonderful to work with. Highly recommend- Taylor Insurance Co

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